Sunday, January 19, 2014

SAMOA 2014: Weaving Stories

Weaving Stories

‘Aga Resort provides a cultural tour, which is a demonstration of skills of the traditional Samoan way of life. Our tour guide, Ieremia (pr. Yeh-reh-mee-yah) a local resident and also employee of the resort showed us how to weave mats, baskets, even weave a hat from the leave of the coconut tree. He also demonstrates how to husk the coconut. I am so excited to learn mat weaving, that I have a go. He weaves half a mat and I complete the other half. I also had the chance to weave a full mat. Mats have a wide variety of use, sitting upon placed on the dirt ground to use in the Samoan house or fale (pronounced fah-leh). Quite proudly we take the woven mat back to our villa, and place it on our balcony. I’ve napped on it amongst the sound of the breaking waves.

Alesana & Ieremia
Ieremia also tells us the famous stories of how the coconut came to be, in the story of Sina and the Eel. We’ve heard it before yet enjoy it ever more as Ieremia relays the infamous myth. We also learn that Ieremia has a wife and five children and is of the same faith as we are.

I appreciate Ieremia for trying to preserve Samoan traditions and skills. Cam and I became fond of him – we won’t forget him.

Cutting stork in half with machete
Beginning of basket


Husking a coconut

Weaving a mat, or 'fala'

Finished product

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