Sunday, January 19, 2014

SAMOA 2014: 'Aga Reef Resort

'Aga Reef Resort

Samoa is currently experiencing wet season, so with that come tropical rains, and cyclones that encompass the pacific. The Thursday we had arrived it was bucketing down, and for the previous three weeks. Some flashflooding had also occurred and sadly even some lives had been lost.  We had known this before coming so we weren’t expecting the best of Samoa’s weather. I was hopeful we might get at least one day of sun in our 18-day stay!

The Monday subsequent to our arrival we booked a five night stay at a beachfront resort called, ‘Aga Reef Resort in a village called Lalomanu, situated about an hour’s drive from Apia, the main town .
From what I have been told, the word ‘Aga represents ‘coral’.

We were driven to the resort, by a family friend who took us in his well-kept taxi.
We drove along a familiar main road and pass Piula cave pool (pronounced pee-you-lah).  I had last come to swim there with my two daughters, then aged six months  and two years of age. I feel a pang of missing my babies, but I smile at the fact that they had the chance this beautiful place. And hopefully many more chances.

It had been the first sunny day since arriving and the drive in the mountains on the way to the resort is breathtaking.

We arrive at ‘Aga Reef Resort. We had chosen to visit this resort over others, due to good reviews by friends and family, and it’s relatively recent opening in April 2013.

One of many dips in the pool

We’re blown away by it’s beauty and location. We are staying in a waterfront villa which is stunning. It is but a few metres, above the blue water, looking out onto the ocean in our own little villa. I’m in paradise. When we arrived at the resort, we also had a pleasant surprise as the lady at reception happened to be the wife of my cousin. It was a joy to be cared for by Margareta.


Relaxing in our Villa 
Balcony on the water
Our backyard, late afternoon 

Warm welcome

Contemporary local artwork

Bridge to the island of Villas

The service has been impeccable, we have gotten to know the staff, and owners and befriended some Australian tourists staying at ‘Aga. The food was amazing, which has typically incorporated local organic produce into it’s menu. You could taste the experience and precision of executive chef Kit Foe (click for his rave review). I salivate just thinking about it. 

Samoan "Avoca", avocado - best ever 

Ever since we have arrive at ‘Aga Reef Resort the weather has been perfect. Even in this rainy season. We seemed to have cast away the rains, so I like to think. We’ve been very blessed.

View of resort from island & rock pool 
Spotting the turtle

Pool deck

Being born and raised on the coast, Cam loves to sit and look at the sea and watch the waves as I try to learn how breaks occur, what is a good wave, and so forth.

We have even seen a turtle in the lagoon in front of our villa. We were swimming about five metres from it and watch it surface it’s cute little head. Turtles can live for decades, even for the average lifespan of a human and even longer. I thought, if turtles could talk, what would they tell me from what they have seen in their many years.

At the end of every day...