Monday, January 20, 2014

SAMOA 2014: To Sua Trench

To Sua Trench

As an island in the pacific, Samoa is as one big volcano as it’s lava fields form grounds for life for human, animal and plant. We visited To Sua (pr. Tor Sue-ah) that showed stunning blowholes with beautiful coral the colour of the fish is the most sharp that I have ever seen.

Atop a cliff

Coral (this photo does not do it's beauty justice!)

Out to sea
We swam in trench about 40 metres deep (so cool!) after we climbed down the ladder into it’s cave-like appearance. Submerging into the cave’s warm salt water, was as breathtaking as the life forms through out the colourful coral of the blowholes.


Swimming in the trench

Climbing up ladder (very, very carefully)
To Sua is also the final resting place of a very significant female figure who we were pleasantly surprised to learn of. Her gravestone reads;

This is the final resing place of
Masiofo Fuatino Fetauimalemau Mataafa Fiame Faumuina Mulinu’u II.
She was also Orator Chief Laulu.
the first First Prime Minister of the Independent State of Samoa.
A renowned woman leader in the fields of the Church, Education, the advancement of women and Diplomacy.  Born in 1928, her name FETAUIMALEMAU meaning to
“coincide with the MAU {independence movement}” commemorated a significant era in Samoa’s history.

She seems like one very cool lady.

Grave on the cliff top

Don't forget it!

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  1. Irra, I have been drinking in your posts! What a beautiful place and a beautiful trip! I'm feeling slightly jealous because of the cold we are experiencing here in Utah right now... :) Thanks for sharing!