Monday, January 20, 2014

SAMOA 2014: Walking in Villages

 Walking in the Villages

There are villages about a half hour stroll, either side of ‘Aga Reef resort. We went for a walk to one of these villages at about dusk. It would have to be my favourite part of a tropical day – the time the sun begins to set.

On the way to Saleapaga village

Typical colour brick church

On our way to the village, a truck sees us walking and kindly offers us a ride. If you come to Samoa, it is a must that you ride in the back of a truck or utility vehicle, being safety aware of course. It is legal to do so, although you are not allowed to stand upright or sit on the ledge of the tray.

Back of truck

On the contrast, we also went for morning runs along the side of the main road. This time of day is also beautiful. One particular morning it was overcast, and it seemed the silver lining of the clouds was just supreme.

A favourite shot

Beach fales

We also bumped into cousin Lene and his wife Magareta in the village and had a cool drink together.


On the contrast, we had been for morning runs, admiring the local wildlife at sunrise one particular overcast day. 

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